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Sydney South Community Volleyball (SCV) Pumas volleyball club is established in late 2011 by few keen volleyball players. We are a non for profit organization dedicated to develop athletes at all ages for amateur volleyball competition.

The purpose of the club SCV Pumas Volleyball is to promote interest in the sport of volleyball, provide training in the skills and techniques of volleyball, and build the teamwork, sportsmanship and an appreciation for health an..

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Congratulations on Jane & Wayne's wedding today! [06-07]
A great day for Jane and Wayne in their life!
恭贺新喜 [06-07]
一个是水,一个是乳,今后你们水乳交融;一个有福,一个有禄,今后你们鸳鸯福禄;爱海无际,情天万里,祝你们爱河永浴。 Jane/拖鞋小美女来自草排,也算农村银的媳妇儿,现如今下嫁土豆,也算登对。这女儿出嫁啦,老爹也得哭两嗓子不是。。。 算了,土豆可得疼媳妇知道不。。。。小俩口常回家看看哦!
2013 Asian Men's club volleyball [16-04]
Tehran, Iran, April 15, 2013 – The top men’s volleyball clubs in Asia will gather in the capital city of Iran next week to compete for the 2013 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship title and the c
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